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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
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Do you know? Dyslexia affects 10% of people.

Key Word Project Messages

Who is the project for?

WO'RD is a new project aimed at voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations, WO'RD aims to develop practical ways to increase participation in learning for dyslexic adults in the county and the city.

Why is it needed?

Research has shown that dyslexia affects at least 10% of the population, with 4% severely affected. Barriers to taking-up learning for adults with dyslexia are much more significant than for non-dyslexics. This is most often down to a lack of understanding and knowledge of dyslexia amongst organisations that could otherwise support dyslexic adults with their learning.

What is the project going to do and when?

Over the life of the project, WO'RD will develop and provide uniquely targeted accredited training in 'dyslexia awareness for VCS organisations', advice and support for key workers in local VCS organisations.

Specifically WO'RD will:

How is it funded?

WO'RD is funded by the Leicestershire and Leicester Learning and Skills Council under The Widening Adult Participation Action Fund.

How to get involved

Local organisations providing learning programmes and/or offering support to local people to make the most of learning opportunities are the key to making WO'RD a success. Where possible, they will be contacted directly by WO'RD and through the project partners. If you are interested see the contact details.

How can you keep up to date with WO'RD?

As an interested organisation, there are several ways to be kept in touch with WO'RD:

To join the email group and/or mailing list, contact the project co-coordinator.

The British Dyslexia Association

Our vision is 'a dyslexia friendly society that will enable all dyslexic people to reach their potential'. The BDA is a registered charity. It raises awareness of dyslexia and campaigns for change.

British Dyslexic Association
98 London Road

Helpline: 0118 966 8271
helpline @
Office: 0118 966 2677

Charity Number: 289243
Company Number: 18030587

Contact WO'RD

Sajedah Patel
WO'RD Co-ordinator
Telephone: 07917 390288 / 0116 271 5936
Email: word1 @

Helpline / Befriender's

If you require information or support, we run a helpline and befriender's service

Meeting: Learning and Dyslexia: Theory into Practice