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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
Cartoon character , Professor T Muse trying trying to remember where the word dyslexia comes from.

What is Dyslexia?

The word 'dyslexia' comes from Greek and means 'difficulty with words'. It is a difference in the part of the brain which processes language, and it affects skills that are needed for learning one or more of reading, writing, spelling and numeracy.' (British Dyslexia Association, 1996)

Some people affected by Dyslexia may have great difficulty with the acquisition of literacy skills and numeracy, while others may only appear to have bad memories for such things as facts, faces or names. Some may have the behavioural or social difficulties connected with Dyslexia.

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Helpline / Befriender's

If you require information or support, we run a helpline and befriender's service

Meeting: Learning and Dyslexia: Theory into Practice